Dec 01

Medical image storage systems are now very popular, but the platform itself has been developed greatly. Modern solutions now offer better collaborative functionalities, with medical image sharing though standard internet connection now enabled.

Online medial image sharing platforms can now be accessed using any remote terminal with standard web browser without the need for proprietary software. You don’t even have to set up a secured VPN connection to the medical image storage servers because SSL encryption is now used to secure the information streamed to remote terminals.

Different advanced functionalities are also handled by the servers, so medical personnel don’t have to worry about IT-related issues or details when they need to access patients’ medical images. As long as an internet-enabled device is available, the necessary medical images can be retrieved without hassle.

By simply providing the right username and password, medical experts and physicians can also be granted access to certain medical images to assist diagnostics. Sharing medical images and creating a collaborative environment among medical personnel can now be done easily with the help of the right online medical image sharing solution.

With these great advantages, it is obvious that online medical image storage and sharing solutions are the best way to go.

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