Apr 15

Have you ever wanted to quit smoking so bad that you just didn’t know what you would do? There may have been mornings when you woke up with the best intentions, planning not to light a cigarette that day. However, the moment you stood in front of your coffee pot chances are you changed your mind. Why is this? It is quite simple actually drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes seem to go hand in hand that is most smokers enjoy a cuppa coffee in the morning with a cigarette or even two. Now there is a new satisfying twist to help those who wish they could quit smoking but until now have had no idea how to do so. This twist is called the electronic cigarette. Not only is this type of cigarette available in regular, full flavored variations but it is also available in menthol and even vanilla flavoured e-cig refills . This means that you can add some variety to your electronic smoking experience.

Electronic cigarettes are sold from very inexpensive to quite costly. Remember when you are buying things that are as important as devices which are used to improve your health you don’t really want to be cheap and you do get what you pay for. However, if you compare the cost of smoking real cigarettes to even the most expensive electronic cigarettes you will surely find that there is money to be saved in switching. Another good thing is that you can start slowly by incorporating a couple of real cigarettes a day with alternating electronic cigarettes while you are at work so that you will be cutting down drastically on the amount of real cigarettes you smoke. Some people report that this is the method they use when they quit smoking using electronic cigarettes.

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