Dec 06

Excessive sweating is a common problem not only with men but also women. It can be very shameful and can have dramatic effects on how we live our daily lives. This is something we are aware of all times, especially when we go anywhere or meet people. Maybe you have tried to eradicate the problem by wearing either a black top with stripes or pattern but that is not a cure for the problem, it is simply less visible.

In medical terms, excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis and there are many ways to control it. The most common way is deodorants providing a reduction of perspiration, but these are normally mild deodorants. If you’ve tried these and found them not to work, you missed an opportunity to test them thoroughly. Most people use deodorant in the morning. If you sweat more than average, then you should try to use perspirex again in the middle of the day and evening. This accumulation of multiple layers of protection and could have a positive effect on your problem.

You need to wear loose clothing and material that allows skin to breathe, like cotton and silk. Try to avoid closing the body areas where you sweat more. It will just clog the pores and makes you sweat more and the problem worsens. Sure, it feels good when you apply it, but if you really start to get hot and sweaty, and then it turns into an unpleasant liquid.

There is also a variety of products on the market you can buy at any pharmacy. All products, such as perspirex are specially designed for people that expires more than others. They are slightly more powerful than normal brands. You can also use them throughout the day, if only one application in the morning is not enough.

If you have tried all the above, you may consider medical treatment. Excessive sweating is a problem that can be cured. This can be very expensive and must be considered that you correct a part of your body by sweating, then the problem may appear elsewhere.

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