Nov 12

CHICAGO — Depression and anxiety could surface in adulthood after an alcohol-prone adolescence, according to new research that links adult mood disorders to teen binge drinking.

Researchers at Loyola University in Chicago found the body system that responds to stress was permanently changed when adolescent lab rats were exposed to binge amounts of alcohol.

“Exposing young people to alcohol could permanently disrupt normal connections in the brain that need to be made to ensure healthy adult brain function,” Toni Pak, the study’s senior author, said in a news release.

Pak said the results from animal testing don’t directly carry over to a human model, but said the study could indicate a similar result in human adults if they were binge drinkers during their youth.

Binge drinking is defined as four drinks in one session for a female, while a male must consume at least five alcoholic beverages in one sitting to meet the guideline.

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