Decades After Losing Leg, Man Gets Prosthetic

Posted by Marcus Selle on Oct 19, 2010

Imagine not being able to walk for 40 years and then finally getting the chance to move on your own.

That’s what happened for Vietnam veteran Jim Gerloff who lost his leg and hip joint in the war when he was 23.

He got a prosthetic then, but it was painful and he couldn’t tolerate it.

But on Wednesday in Plymouth, the 63-year-old was fitted with a new, high-tech hip joint and leg.

“I’m learning to walk … it’s like you’re walking, like you’re sitting down. Cause basically I’m sitting right now, as I like to tell everybody, on a bar stool, cause it’s about the same height,” said Gerloff.

Before this, Gerloff had to be in a wheelchair or use crutches to get around. He said he’s looking forward to walking up to the podium on his own when he gives motivational speeches.

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