Eye Glitter Advice

Glitter is perfect for special occasions and parties. It gives a little something extra to your makeup look, but it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to apply. I’ve learned some great tricks over the years on how to properly use the shiny stuff on eyes. Here is my guide to applying glitter eye makeup.

Apply glitter before any other makeup- after application, run a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe under eyes to remove fallout glitter.

Use a dense eye makeup brush so it holds more glitter. Because glitter makeup has become so popular, you can now find brushes specifically made for glitter, but if you want to go old school, the best brush to use would be one that is thick and on the small side, so you can apply glitter in areas like the outer corners of the eyes without it going everywhere.

Use clear brow gel to adhere the glitter to your lids. If you’re in a pinch, you can also use Vaseline, or lip balm/gloss. If you want to really amp up your look, use glitter eyeliner as your base.

Over a tissue, open the glitter pot and gently shake a bit of the glitter into the lid. This will help you pick up the glitter onto your brush without collecting too much.

Once glitter is on your brush, gently shake any access back into the pot. Gently pat glitter on skin until you don’t see any sparseness.

To remove glitter, wet a tissue in warm water, and place on your eye for one minute. Repeat on other eye. This will loosen the glitter. Then take a tiny bit of eye or face cream and place on a new tissue, and gently place it on each eye, running your ring finger over the tissue to pick up the glitter. Finally, wash face with warm water.

The key to glitter eye makeup, from the application is to the removal is to be gentle and stay relaxed. If any step is rushed, you can get glitter in your eye which can cause scratches and redness.

If you are unsure about what kind of colours you should be going for when working on your eyes we can help. Check out which colours make your beautiful eyes stand out and shine!

Blue Eyes:

Brown, Silver, Blue, Gold, Peach, Mint Green, Pearl

Brown Eyes:

Bronze, Purple, Peach, Teal, Navy, Brown, Mauve

Green Eyes:

Purple, Green, Pink, Brown, Champagne, Navy

Hazel Eyes:

Gunmetal, Burgundy, Purple, Peach, Bronze, Brown

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