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Supercomputer Cracking the Code of HIV

Posted by Sienna Mullaly on May 31, 2013

Supercomputer empowers researchers to answer the 64-million-atom question by running detailed simulations of HIV, Video  Washington, D.C. – infoZine – Researchers have determined the precise chemical structure of the HIV capsid, a protein shell that protects the virus’s genetic material and is a key to its ability to infect and debilitate the human body’s defense mechanism. Detailed simulations were achieved with the use of a supercomputer on a 64 million atom sample. The capsid has become an attractive target for the development of new antiretroviral drugs that suppress the HIV virus and stop the progression of AIDS.

This discovery was enabled by a recently-dedicated, new supercomputer called Blue Waters, one of the world’s most powerful computers. Until the arrival of petascale supercomputers, scientists were unable to decipher in atomic-level detail the entire HIV capsid–an assemblage of more than 1,300 identical proteins forming a cone-shaped structure. Full article…

Porencephaly Cyst

Posted by Marcus Selle on May 28, 2013

Table of Contents

  • Porencephaly Cyst Definition
  • Symptoms of Porencephalic Cyst
  • Diagnosis of Porencephaly
  • Porencephaly Radiology
  • Porencephalic Cyst
  • Porencephaly vs Schizencephaly
  • Porencephaly Cyst Treatment
  • Research

Porencephaly is a very rare disorder of the central nervous system resulting in cerebrospinal fluid in cavities or cysts within the brain.   The localized encephalomalacia (brain softening) is usually because of hemorrhage or inflammation of that portion of the brain.  A less common form is inherited. [ 2 ]

It is possible that the fetus essentially had a stroke. It

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Is PMS making you crazy? Avoid with these tips if it does

Posted by Mason Perdriau on May 25, 2013

When it comes to stressful events, women are more likely to suffer psychologically if the event occurs at a certain time in their monthly menstrual cycle, according to a new study published in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.

The study, conducted by researchers from University College London, is the first to report a possible link between psychological vulnerability and a specific moment during the menstrual cycle – which, in this case, was ovulation.

The authors of the study believe common mental health problems that develop in women may be preventable if specific dates during the menstrual cycle are targeted. So they set out to test how vulnerable women are to a stressful event during different stages of their menstrual cycle.


The research team selected 41 women participants between the ages of 18 and 35, all of whom had regular menstrual cycles and were not on any contraceptive pill. T

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What exercise stress testing can tell you about the heart and what it can’t

Posted by Sienna Mullaly on May 24, 2013

Does it make sense to get an exercise stress test, “just in case,” to make the your heart is still ticking like a fine Swiss watch? Probably not—unless you have symptoms of heart disease, according to the April 2013 issue of the Harvard Men’s Health Watch .

About one-third of all medical tests are unnecessary. Besides wasting time and money, unnecessary tests can lead to useless and potentially harmful follow-up tests and procedures. Exercise stress testing is often needed for individuals with symptoms like chest pain, unexplained fatigue, or feeling winded in response to normal physical activity. In such cases, it can help a doctor figure out what is wrong, or at least rule out heart trouble. In a person who feels fine, though, just-in-case stress testing is unlikely to reveal a heart problem.

In the classic exercise stress test, a person walks on a treadmill that makes the heart work progressively harder. T

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