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Symptoms of Liver Toxicity

Posted by Sienna Mullaly on Oct 31, 2012

Symptoms of liver toxicity are not always easy to pinpoint. Many conditions associated with an overloaded liver are problems that can arise from a number of causes. Although some conditions, such as fatigue or irritability are often just part of life, and not necessarily the result of liver deficiencies, ignoring pervasive health conditions is never advised. Instead, we should view health problems as weeds to be removed. Often times, ailments resulting from imbalances and toxicity within the body spring up in multiple ways and appeasing deficiencies can help to alleviate them at the source.

Your concern should increase if you find yourself regularly experiencing multiple adverse conditions at once, especially when that becomes the norm.

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Babies at the Lake | Ontario, Canada newborn shoot

Posted by Mason Perdriau on Oct 30, 2012

Sharing the two handsome fellows who joined us for an afternoon at Gull Lake, Ontario Canada (I do believe its where Disneys Camp Rock was filmed!). Special thanks to the super talented Veronika Goisova for supplying the models as well as DRESSING them! Check out her fan page to see her beautiful creations!

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Sleep and the Newborn Baby

Posted by Mason Perdriau on Oct 30, 2012

Newborns spend most of their time sleeping. On average, a newborn baby will sleep between sixteen and seventeen hours per day for their first three to four months. Unfortunately for the parents, this sleep tends to be in two to four hour stretches.

It’s perfectly normal for babies to wake up frequently. In fact, a healthy newborn baby should wake up every two to four hours to eat. For the first few months of her life, a newborn’s stomach isn’t large enough or developed enough to handle enough food to tide her over any longer than that. She going to wake up, and she’s going to be hungry.

Of course, this means that even though baby is going to get 16+ hours or sleep every day, mom and dad are going to have a really tough time carving out eight hours of sleep at night. Fortunately, this doesn’t last forever. Somewhere

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Taking a Life-Changing Approach to Indigestion Relief

Posted by admin on Oct 29, 2012

Indigestion, which is known as dyspepsia in medical circles, is no walk in the park. It is characterized by chronic pain in the abdomen, a feeling of fullness even when little has been eaten, and heartburn, all of which can be experienced at any time. It should not be dismissed either as dyspepsia can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition like peptic ulcer, gastritis, and even cancer.

The good news is that the symptoms of dyspepsia in most individuals are due to unhealthy lifestyle habits as well as the misuse of over-the-counter medications for indigestion relief . Full article…