Jul 28

If you are running a small business from your home, don’t be fooled into thinking that your homeowner’s insurance covers your business as well. If you consult your policy you will almost certainly find that property used for business purposes is excluded from insurance coverage. Homeowner’s insurance is exactly that—it is intended to cover houses that being used as homes and nothing more. Therefore if you have a business housed within your home, you need to buy business liability insurance.

To begin, make a list of everything in your house that you use as a part of your business. That is your business property. If you use a separate building such as a finished garage for your office, then that building will need to be covered too. You may Full article…

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Feb 01

If people are challenging the constitutionality of the government requiring us to buy health insurance, then should requiring us to buy car insurance be challenged as well? asked Tom Wilmar from Plymouth.

So, what is the difference?

In terms of differences, one is whos requiring us to do it, said Professor Amy Monahan, whos been researching health care law at the University of Minnesota School of Law. Characterizing it as messy is a good way to characterize it.

States force us to buy car insurance.

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