Jun 22

A “mystery disease” has swept across parts of eastern India, killing at least 24 children and two adults over the past 10 days, a government official said on Wednesday. Doctors treating patients in the state of Bihar have not yet been able to identify the disease, authorities said, but the illness shows symptoms similar to the encephalitis virus. “As per our information, 24 children have died of the mystery disease at government hospitals, but I cant say how many have died at home,” Bihars Health Secretary Amarjeet Sinha told AlertNet. “More than 40 children are still undergoing treatment at various hospitals in the state.”

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Aug 17

Chinese tobacco companies are targeting women and children as potential smokers as the market in men has peaked, health experts said.

Around 53 percent of Chinese men smoked, leading tobacco control activist Judith Mackay said, but only three percent of Chinese women.

“Prevalence in men has peaked, but they are targeting women and children,” she said at the World Cancer Congress in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Full article…

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