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Treadmill Incline Workout Running for Weight Loss – 30 Minutes Fat Blaster Workout Program
IU bisexuality studies focus on health, behavior and identity
What to Expect from Baby’s Nap
The Best Business Attire for Your Body Type
Asherman’s Syndrome Likely Cause of Frida Kahlo’s Infertility
New technique reveals unseen information in DNA code
The Health Benefits of Hemicellulase

DHEC finds no specific link identified between restaurant, disease outbreak
Impacted Wisdom Tooth
Two New from Lou
San Diego Baby as Art newborn photography workshop | Model call
Understanding Depression in Men
Is Your Bra Strangling Your Breasts and Your Health?
Congratulations to Roebuck Elementary
Dr. Group is Doing an Interview with KPFK Radio Today!
Will Medicare Premiums Rise Every Year?
Study finds protective gene in fat cells
Athena is so happy to meet you!
Nearly 0,000 Raised for National Jewish Health at Financial Industries Dinner
Recognizing Limits
Why Won’t My Baby Sleep
Blocked Nose – Causes, Associated Symptoms and Remedies
Indiana elder statesman Otis Bowen presented with IU’s Ryan White Distinguished Leadership Award
How Your Psychological Health Can Affect Your Weight
Breast cancer preventative reported to weaken bones
Juicing RAW Cannabis – Eating RAW Cannabis?
EatSmart Precision GoFit Digital Body Fat Bathroom Scale Review
DHEC Board’s selection for director approved by SC Senate
A unique on-off switch for hormone production
Get Fired Up, Burn More Fat
Macho men more likely to die in an accident
My boy. He has a dream.
Emmy-winning actress Tracey Conway to speak at March 29 luncheon about women’s heart and lung health

IVF Failure Similar to Transplant Rejection, Experts Say

DHEC reopens Charleston County clam and oyster harvesting areas
5 Tips for Choosing Slimming Business Attire
Yummy; Flavoured Electronic Smoking
ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Group will be a guest on The Alex Jones Show on Friday, January 20th
Could Your Walking Gait Play a Role in Your Life Expectancy? Make a Guess? You are Wrong!
A big sister by 12 days.
How Not to Stall

Does My Baby Have Colic?
Prostate cancer test: More ‘discomfort’ not knowing?
Quantitative CT Helps Identify COPD Patitients at Risk for Exacerbations
Middle-aged women taking antidepressants at increased risk for stroke
Get scluptured look by doing plastic surgery
Why is organic mattress critical for your kid?
Sewage spill closes Beaufort County clam and oyster beds
A taste of Australia.
Study: More than 9 million U.S. adults lost health coverage in recession
Crib Safety by the Numbers
Benefits of White Fruits and Vegetables
African Abortion Herbs May Save Lives
Study: Probiotics May Help Protect Infants From Respiratory Illness
A first — lab creates cells used by brain to control muscle cells
More Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes
Video Friday: The Fitness Outlaw
World AIDS Day events planned
Personality of a sperm donor? Study offers clues

A bounty of beautiful babies | last chance model call for Sydney and Melbourne newborns!
Great New Idea for Baby Sleep
IU researchers discuss birth control, childhood obesity and more at the American Public Health Association meeting
Post-Midlife Crisis: How to Start Eating Healthy Again
Sex Imbalance Results from 117 Million Missing Asian Women
Dr. Group will be live with @KPFKradio in less than an hour!
Hilton Head school named to All-Health Team
Novel technique uses RNA interference to block inflammation
Lucky Luke.
Get Obsessed, Fix an Injury
Breast Tissue Screening Bill: A Woman’s Right to Know?
Easing Your Baby to Sleep
Now is the Wrong Time to Backslide on Funding for Lifesaving Global Health and HIV/AIDS Programs
IU Kelley School professor to examine how women respond to information about the HPV vaccine
Sperm bank: Redheads need not apply
National Jewish Health Kunsberg Classic: National Sponsors Support School for Chronically Ill Children in Colorado at August 7-8

5 Cheap and Simple Cellulite Treatments
Work Cut Out for Us
DHEC to hold community meeting in Aiken County

Assisted Living, Freedom from the Commonplace
Home Businesses Need Separate Insurance
Baptist settles employee health benefit lawsuit for .38M
Lymph Node Test Doesnt Improve Breast Cancer Care, Study Finds
Social deficits associated with autism, schizophrenia induced in mice with new technology
Retention of pre-ART patients poor in sub-Saharan Africa
How to build a better mouse
Beyond Dementia
Today is World Hepatitis Day
Beyond Blue: 12 Lessons of Depression
FDA investigates papaya in new salmonella outbreak
Valaciclovir slows HIV disease progression in pregnant and breastfeeding women
Study: Chicken Pox Vaccine Really Helping

Novira Therapeutics raises .5M in seed money
High-Profile Longevity Study Retracted
Iranian AIDS doctors continued work behind bars
Tarceva Battles Lung Cancer in Some
Beyond DSM
WHO Says TB Blood Tests Faulty, Must be Stopped
Therapy Thursday: First Forgive
Social media study: Conservatives were top tweeters in 2010 elections
Advisories Issued For Wastewater On NY Beaches
New NNRTI lersivirine matches efavirenz in phase 2 study
HMOs To Feel Pinch In New Minn. Health Budget
With Alzheimer’s in the genes, when do you test?
U.S. Culture Linked to Greater Sunscreen Use Among Latinos
Small hippocampus associated with depression in the elderly
Exercise to the people
CDC: Dengue Update
Pearle Vision founder dies

Health group bashes high-calorie restaurant food
Why Does God Make It So Hard?
Can feeling too good be bad? Positive emotion in bipolar disorder

Do Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol?
Treatment is prevention: HPTN 052 study shows 96% reduction in transmission when HIV-positive partner starts treatment early

CRC Health Group adds David Duerst as sales chief
5 Easy Memory Aids That Can Help Anyone
Personality plays role in body weight, according to study
Largest Ob/Gyn Group Backs Annual Mammograms in 40s
Global Reductions in Newborn and Maternal Deaths Remain Low
Athletes may have different reasons for marijuana use
Married men quicker to seek treatment for heart attacks: Study
Psychopharmacology in crisis
Keep Sun Safety in Mind This Summer: Experts
Hypoallergenic baby formula may not help prevent allergies
Concurrent partnerships in men do not explain HIV incidence in women: number of partners does
Mother Of 2 Battles Melanoma A 2nd Time
Is The Internet Replacing Our Own Memory?
In Defense of Antidepressants
Racing just to keep up

Four projects, 88 new jobs on tap at IDB meeting Wednesday
India’s Injectable Vasectomy
Is meditation the push-up for the brain?
Twin Cities University Creates New Type Of Dental Practitioner
Taking the bite out of bug dope

More U.S. Men Die From Cancer Than Women: Study

You Are Not Alone: A Few Survivors of Suicide Loss
Heat Hurts Your Insides Too
The Assault on Reproductive Rights
Two major studies show that HIV drugs prevent infection
Evidence for ‘food addiction’ in humans
Judge sides with nurses against Cambridge Health Alliance
Animal rights: Chimpanzee research on trial
Risk factors for autism remain elusive: study
Experts grow whole tooth units using mouse stem cells
Risk factors for HIV vary between African cities, need tailored responses
Medtronic Warns Of Battery Problem With Drug Pumps

Review adds salt to a familiar concern
Report: Mississippi Still Most Obese State
Texas moves up to 12th fattest in U.S.
Environment, not just genetics, at play in autism
Southern States Lag Behind North in Drop in Colon Cancer Death Rates
Rhesus monkeys have a form of self awareness not previously attributed to them

Confirmatory viral load reduces HIV treatment switches fourfold in 6-country African study
Patients with eating disorders have higher death rate
Study: Environment Plays Large Role In Autism
Mobile phone support helps patients with HIV stop smoking
Kentucky Goes on the Offensive Against Colorectal Cancer
Walmart Foundation donates 5,000 to 14 Arizona nonprofits
Nanoparticles hit tumours with one-two punch
Evolution of sport performances follows a physiological law
FDA Goes After Bogus HIV, Herpes Drug Companies
Botswana: An African Success Story in the Fight Against AIDS
Cured HIV Patient Living in S.F.

Sick Kids Get Legal Help From Wal-Mart
Reconstruction Safe Right After Mastectomy: Study

Therapy Thursday: Go Through It, Not Around It

Imaging animals for better research

People diagnosed with HIV who have never accessed medical care are often dissatisfied with post-test counselling
Kenya: Women Suffering From Fistula Get a New Lease of Life
Researchers look for ingredients of happiness around the world
Binge drinking can damage young brains: Study
Some Not Getting Best Breast Cancer Treatment
Alcohol drinking in the elderly: Risks and benefits
Better By Mistake: An Interview with Alina Tugend
More Evidence CT Scans Better at Detecting Lung Cancer
Study finds hospital pillows ridden with 30 different bugs
WHO Urges Equal Access to HIV Services for Gay Men
China’s Free AIDS Drugs Lead to Steep Drop in Deaths
Can a blood test show if an HIV-positive patient has PCP?
St. Anthony Hospital wants some medical services to continue at old site
Hope for premature babies with brain injuries
Study: Most parents unaware of teen workplace risks

Fertile women are more prejudiced against strange men, U.S. study says
Too much alcohol linked to pneumonia risk
Elton Fights for AIDS Drug Program in Fla.
Sitting For Hours Can Shave Years Off Life
Lifestyle Changes Might Alter Breast Cancer Rates

Stanford pediatric trauma center receives level 2 ranking
Mystery Disease Kills Dozens of Indian Children
Drug buddies
WHO issues global recommendations on services for men who have sex with men and transgender people
City living changes how the brain responds to stress: Study
Diagnosed autism is more common in an IT-rich region
Stress in the city

2,000 El Salvador inmates suffer from food poisoning
Children as young as 10 vomit to lose weight, with highest rates in boys

Experimental Vaccine Seems to Cure Prostate Cancer in Mice
Concerns about efficacy, cost and side-effects possible barriers to PrEP uptake in groups with high HIV risk

China’s Free AIDS Drugs Lead to Steep Drop in Deaths
Elevated CD8 cell count associated with HIV treatment failure
Healthy bacteria could prevent obesity
Drug may take the edge off bad memories: study
Boy With Cerebral Palsy Finds A New Voice

Gambling problem exposed as access grows

Turmeric makes head, neck cancer treatment more effective

Agent Orange Linked to Kidney Cancer: Study
Study Questions Overuse of Colonoscopy in Medicare Patients

Teenage Alcohol Consumption Associated With Computer Use
Nicotine and Cocaine Leave Similar Mark on Brain After First Contact
Aggressive Treatment May Be Beneficial for Early Prostate Cancer
Toddlers given milk at bedtime likelier to become obese

Breast Cancer Recurrence Rates Appear Different When Radiation Used
Animal-assisted therapy decreases patient anxiety in pre-MRI setting, study suggests
National recall of cucumbers over salmonella

Neutralizing cytokine GM-CSF can halt multiple sclerosis
80,000 on benefits in UK due to addiction, obesity
Managing Chemoradiation Side Effects May Prolong Survival
Congress Spares Most AIDS Funding in Budget Fight
For Nonsmokers, Healthy Living Cuts Death Rate in Half: Study
Scientists discover how to predict learning using brain analysis
Another Reason not to Binge Drink Alcohol
American Pain Society books 2012 meeting
A Satisfying Twist to Help You Quit Smoking
Broad Institute floating bonds to build in Cambridge

U.K. Eases Gay Blood
Many Smokers Still Deceived by Cigarette Labeling
The Perfect Storm Of Spring Allergies

The persistent demand for nursing assistant
Landlord Can’t Boot HIV+ Man’s Dog
Minn. Radio Show Host Shares Experiences With Breast Cancer
Low vitamin D associated with early sign of cardiovascular disease in patients with HIV
Anti-depressants linked to risk of heart disease, stroke
Researchers Unravel Clues, Develop Interventions for Autism
Watch for malnutrition risk in children with HIV after starting ART
Drug Approved for Late-Stage Melanoma

Gambling problems are more common than drinking problems, according to first-of-its-kind study
Significant failings in HIV care for some immigration detainees in the UK
The medical billing basics

Richer White Women More Prone to Melanoma, Study Finds
Tai chi beats back depression in the elderly, study shows

Tissue Analysis May Help Predict Breast Cancer Outcome
Pork Board Swaps ‘White Meat’ For ‘Be Inspired’
Girth of a nation: Canada trails U.S. in obesity rates
Women who miscarry continue to have mental health problems
Significant Amount of HIVers Show Drug Resistance

Virus Unlikely to Advance Deadly Lung Disease: Study
Wyler at Heart
Strong Link Found Between Victimization, Substance Abuse
Hot flashes early in menopause linked to reduced cardiovascular risk
Minn. Bill Sees Medical Marijuana As Export Crop
Study Finds Too Many Surgical Breast Biopsies Performed
Being bilingual a good brain work-out, experts say
Attorney General Pressed to Investigate Porn Clinic
20 NYC Firefighters Hurt Battling Blaze
FDA Approves First 3D Mammogram Device
Mindful Monday: Consider the Flowers of the Field
New study finds no cognitive impairment among ecstasy users

Autistic Young Adults Missing Out on Much-Needed Services
Mental illness in teens challenges educators
2 Experimental Drugs Show Promise for Rare Pancreatic Cancer
Breast Cancer Treatment May Lead to Hip Fracture
Recipe for family mealtimes calls for 3 ingredients in the right amounts
Experts See Increasing Numbers of Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs
Good Question: Can Health Insurance Be Required?
Outdoor mosquitoes could defy control
High bilirubin levels may be more frequent in adolescents taking atazanavir
Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Stay on the Road to Recovery, Case Western Reserve Research Shows
Chronic illnesses, not age, determine seniors’ reliance on health care: Study
Could Humans Someday Hibernate?
Heavy Smoking Linked to Small Increase in Breast Cancer Risk
U.S. woman regains voice in rare voicebox transplant
Genetically Targeted Medication Shows Great Promise in Treating Alcohol Addiction

Do video games fuel mental health problems?
Norovirus Outbreaks Reported In Twin Cities
Cotrimoxazole better at preventing malaria than standard preventive treatment in pregnant women with HIV
The long wait for weight-loss surgeries
Targeting nicotine receptors to treat cognitive impairments in schizophrenia

Judge Adds Probation To Guidant Plea Deal
High prevalence of asymptomatic cardiac abnormalities in patients with HIV

Child Nutrition Situation in Niger Remains Alarming, UN-Backed Survey Warns
Gene Activity May Affect Acute Myeloid Leukemia Outcome
Graphic PSA Warns of HIV Dangers

Deaths spike on Christmas, New Year’s, study finds
Got A Cold? Study Says Echinacea Won’t Help Much
Minn. Cities Urge Recycling Of Old Holiday Lights

Consumer group suing McDonald’s over toys
Stem Cell Transplant Cures Man of HIV
Certain Drug Combinations May Beat Back Aggressive Breast Cancer
Stem Cell Advance a Step Forward for Treatment of Brain Diseases
Sun protection for your healthy skin
How you can control your sweaty armpits
What appropriate teeth care and advice you should get
Gene Therapy Corrected Rare Bleeding Disorder: Study
Post Traumatic Seizure Rate in Children Double the Adult Rate
Online Medical Image Sharing Platforms
Neurological protein may hold the key to new treatments for depression
UK HIV diagnoses fall – because fewer people infected abroad
What vitamins could help you?
Medical marijuana only down 1,457 votes
Study Finds Big Strides Made in Treating Leukemia, Lymphoma in Past Decade

The important tips for your consideration before buying a health insurance coverage

Weighing Risk, Benefit Of Live-Donor Transplant
Teen binge-drinking linked to adult depression: Study
Russians Rally for Scarce HIV Drugs
7 Things Your Teeth Say About Your Health
Portrait of gambling behavior in Quebec

Gene Mutations Seem to Make a Leukemia More Deadly
Patient Questions Same Procedures’ Cost Difference
New compounds may treat both alcohol and cigarette addictions
To Best Fight Cancer, New Guidelines Urge Exercise
Approximately 60.9 million American adults have a mood or anxiety disorder
Researchers Spot New Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
Good Question: Does Candy Really Rot Your Teeth?
New Finding Suggests Safe Surgical Margins When Removing Breast Cancers
Study points to possible gene therapy for depression
Decades After Losing Leg, Man Gets Prosthetic

Minn. Teen Copes With Cancer Through Art, Poetry
Latest Findings Back Mammograms for Women in Their 40s
Many With Terminal Cancer Still Getting Routine Screens
State Investigates Shakopee School Mold
Brain Imaging Identifies Differences in Childhood Bipolar Disorder, ADHD
New Tool Shows Promise for Early Lung Cancer Screening
The Atlantic Reports on Potential Challenges to Passage of The International Violence Against Women Act
Minn. Water Park Hosts Muscular Dystrophy Event
Pooch Pacemakers Help Dogs Live Longer
A Little Pain, a Life Saved
Insurance, Race and Poverty Affect Cancer Care, Researchers Report

Most Men Unaware of Breast Cancer Risk in Males: Survey
Certain psychiatric disorders linked with risky sexual behavior in teens
Black Patients Less Likely to Get End-of-Life Care They Request
U Of M Begins 5M Campaign For Amplatz Hospital
,000 Cancer Drug: How Much Is A Life Worth?
Cyber-bullying causes more depression, study finds
Checking Your Furnace To Prevent CO Poisoning
No link seen between moderate drinking, dementia
AIDS Activists Protest Obama
Friendship Helps Predict Disease Spread
Database: Oregon company lease contracts
Family: Lake Amoeba Caused Daughter’s Death
Link to autism in boys found in missing DNA
Smokeless Tobacco Products Can Be Deadly
Somatoform Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
Swimming in indoor pools could increase cancer risk
California Discloses HIVers’ Private Info

Weight-related bullying could change how schoolgoers perceive their bodies
11 Day Diet

Expert Warns Of Swine Flu Complacency
Resistance, endurance-training best for heart health
US Grapples With Bedbugs, Pesticide Misuse
Vitamin A supplements linked to high HIV levels in breast milk
Court Finds HIV-positive Singer Guilty

St. Louis College of Pharmacy enrollment near record
Salmonella Found On 2 Iowa Egg Farms

How to Prevent Breast Cancer?
Childhood obesity rated biggest health problem for kids

Treatment Options for Skin Cancer
Preschool kids use statistics to understand others
Hawaii Medical Center emerges from bankruptcy
China Tobacco Firms Accused of Targeting Children
Drug Chains Offering Flu Shots Early
Nickel allergy tracked to a single receptor

Elevated heart rate over time linked to death risk
Amazing Universal Healing Aid -by Gary Craig EFT Founder
Ariz. Conjoined Twins Die In Surgery
Duluth Nurses Prepare For Strike Vote
More Seniors Getting Antibiotics With Improved Medicare Drug Coverage (HealthDay)
Dangerous Hospital Staph Infections Drop
Girls as young as seven hitting puberty in US

What is Squamous Cell Skin Carcinoma Skin Cancer?

Baby Declared Dead Revives Inside Coffin

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