Dec 26

In today’s world many people are talking about plastic surgery everywhere. You can attain an eye catchy look by doing plastic surgery. You can reshape your nose, lifting your eye lids, reducing your tummy if it is looking bigger and many. These surgeries can be done in with assistance of plastic surgery experts. Do not feel shy of doing plastic surgery. Today’s technology is more advanced to udrego surgery in safe way without any side effects.

Are you scared to move in the society with your fat body? No need to worry about that in this modern world. For Full article…

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Dec 20

Spa procedures were originally created around healing through water treatments such as mineral and thermal waters, when people were healed by the water. Spas today have similar purposes but offer a whole lot more than water therapies and there is a wide range of options for spa and spa treatments to choose from. Customers can choose relaxing breaks, pampering breaks, healing and energizing procedures. And there are many spa hotels and centers that focus only on spa breaks and offer different spa day vouchers .

Because a spa break is taking care of yourself, pampering, soothing and good feeling – you will find the dress code is designed for customers’ comfort first. C

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Dec 19

For all parents, there’s nothing more important than the welfare of their child. Moms and dads should provide security for their child with Natural Mat . By simply reading this information, as part of your search for bedding for your child, you will reveal how to take care of your son or daughter when they sleep, and will know about the kid mattresses.

Exactly what kind of mattress should you consider? Mattress produced from organic fibers or those artificial? Do you want to start your own preference on the quality of the materials or the size, shape, and various other things?

Before moving forward with any mattress, it is certainly important to consider some easy tips. Full article…

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Dec 16

COLUMBIA, S.C. – All clam and oyster harvesting beds on Battery Creek and its tributaries have been closed to harvest due to a sewage spill, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control reported today.

“This closure is temporary and is the result of potentially elevated bacteria levels due to a sewer overflow,” said Mike Pearson, manager of DHEC’s Shellfish Sanitation Section. “The affected areas will reopen once water quality data indicates the bacteria levels are acceptable for shellfish harvesting.”

For more information on clam and oyster harvesting areas in Beaufort County, call DHEC’s Region 8 Environmental Quality Control office at (843) 846-1030.

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