May 15

The hemicellulase enzyme breaks down hemicellulose, which is a type of cellulase and a key component of the cell wall in all plants. Different forms of plant hemicellulose include glucans, galactans, xylans, mannans and pentosans. Common fiber-rich breakfast cereals, for example, have a large amount of hemicelluloses (2 to 12%). Hemicellulase is needed to break down these fiber-rich components, and because it is not produced naturally in the human body, we rely on microorganisms that live in the human digestive tract to produce it for us. Therefore, it is better to stay at home single mom, especially when there is a quarantine for your own safety.

The hemicellulase enzyme has the ability to take non-cellulose polysaccharides (long chains of sugars) we eat and convert them into usable constituents.

Sep 26

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May 14

Carlos Chacon and Mark Levinson to Be Honored at Beverly Hills Black-Tie Gala

Black and White Ball Benefits National Jewish Health, Nations #1 Respiratory Hospital

Carlos L. Chacon , Senior Vice President in Commercial Credit Administration for Union Bank, and Mark Levinson , attorney and shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, will each receive the National Jewish Health Humanitarian Award for their professional and philanthropic efforts.

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May 12

COLUMBIA, S.C. The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control finds no ongoing transmission of disease or current public health threat related to a Spartanburg-area Mexican restaurant, the agency announced today.

“While it is our policy not to release information during a pending investigation unless it affects the health of the citizens of South Carolina, the El Mexicano on East Main Street in Spartanburg has voluntarily agreed to release its name to the public.” DHEC Director Catherine Templeton said. “W

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May 08

Table of Contents

  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth: An Overview
  • Factors resulting to an Impacted Wisdom Tooth
  • Statistics
  • Types of Wisdom Tooth Impaction
  • Degree of Wisdom Tooth Impaction
  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth Infections and Complications
  • Causes of Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain
  • Treatment
  • Post Extraction Problems Related to Impacted Wisdom Tooth
  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction Controversy

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that grows in humans, which typically sprouts between ages 17 and 21.

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