Nov 21

Electronic cigarettes are designed as an alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. They offer a healthier way of smoking, along with several more advantages to be enjoyed. In this article, we are going to discuss some more benefits of electronic cigarettes.

The electronic cigarettes are also known as smoke-free cigarettes; the smokeless electronic cig produces no smoke due to the lack of combustion or flame. This brings two main benefits: there is no need to carry a lighter just to be able to smoke an electronic cigarette, plus no CO is produced (or consumed) in the process.

There is a huge misconception that electronic cigarettes are expensive; this is entirely not true. With high quality starter kits being sold at as low as $60, you can actually save money just by switching to an electronic cigarette. Bear in mind that the starter kit includes 6 refill cartridges; with each refill cartridge rated equal to 2 packs of cigarettes, you actually get an equivalent of 12 packs. Assuming each pack of tobacco cigarettes costs $6, you actually spend less on the starter kit than when you buy tobacco cigarettes.

The amount of money you can save when switching to an electronic cigarette is even more substantial once you have purchased the best starter kit. Refill cartridges are sold at less than $2 per cartridge, which means you actually save $10 or more for every cartridge you consume. That’s $150 worth of savings a month!

As mentioned earlier, the electronic cigarette is designed to be a healthier smoking alternative. Aside from being healthier, it also produces fewer side effects. No more sore throat and bad odor after smoking too much, because the electronic cigarette doesn’t produce such side effects.

These advantages certainly make switching to an electronic cigarette even more beneficial in the long run.

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