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Athena is so happy to meet you!

Posted by Mason Perdriau on Mar 30, 2012

Athena enjoyed her session so much, that she returned the following week to model outdoors during a workshop! Its no wonder she is such a beautiful baby right? See more of Athena on the by Britt!

Nearly $450,000 Raised for National Jewish Health at Financial Industries Dinner

Posted by Marcus Selle on Mar 26, 2012

Joe Pollicino Jr. with Michael Salem, MD

More than 700 leaders of New Yorks financial industries gathered on March 13 to honor Joseph Pollicino Jr., Senior Vice President and Regional Manager of Wells Fargo Bank, NA, at the 35th annual Financial Industries Dinner. The event at the New York Hilton raised nearly $450,000 for the nations #1 respiratory hospital, National Jewish Health.

Michael Salem, MD, President and CEO of National Jewish Health, thanked the guests at the Financial Industries Dinner for their support of the institution. For 35 years now, the Financial Industries Dinner has formed an important bridge between the wonderful support we receive from the Tri-State Area and the care and research that National Jewish Health provides to benefit patients worldwide, said Dr. Salem.

Pollicino accepted the prestigious Humanitarian Award for his significant civic and charitable contributions and leadership in his industry.

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Recognizing Limits

Posted by Sienna Mullaly on Mar 25, 2012

So I’ve been seriously remiss on the blog front of late, in case you haven’t noticed.

Reason being I was involved in a play called “The Madness of Hercules”–an updated version of the Roman tragedy by Seneca, performed by the wildly innovative company Not Man Apart. If you’ve never seen these guys, and you get the chance to–take it.

I played one of three chorus-type characters who sort of storytell and support the action with crazy, evocative physical movement. Extremely athletic stuff that I was even a little unsure that I could handle at first, given my nagging knee injury and my generally aging self (I turned 40 on May 9th).

The funny thing was, I needn’t have worried.

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Why Won’t My Baby Sleep

Posted by Mason Perdriau on Mar 22, 2012

If youre a new parent, it can be extremely frustrating trying to get your baby to fall asleep. Sometimes it seems that, no matter how hard you try or what you do, your baby just doesnt want to get any rest. Not only does a sleepless baby become a fussy baby, it can also lead to a fussy mom or dad.

Figuring out why your baby wont sleep is the first step in getting a little shut-eye for both of you. Below you will find some of the most common reasons a baby wont sleep. While some of these are obvious, they are worth listing. After all, when its 3 AM and you havent slept more than two hours at a time all week, sometimes the obvious answer eludes you.

Here, then, are some common reasons your baby wont sleep:

  1. Shes uncomfortable. An uncomfortable baby is an awake baby. There are a number of things that can make your baby uncomfortable.

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