Jan 29

High bilirubin levels may be more frequent in adolescents taking the protease inhibitor atazanavir ( Reyataz ) than in adults, Spanish investigators warn in the Journal of Adolescent Health .

Elevated bilirubin can lead to the development of a side-effect called hyperbilirubinaemia, which involves a yellowing of the skin and eyes. It is not dangerous, but the investigators warn that its impact on appearance means that it should be taken seriously, especially when it occurs in adolescents.

“Physical appearance influences a major part of the self-esteem of an adolescent and so a symptom like jaundice can lead to body dissatisfaction and social adjustment problems because of visible physical differences.”

Atazanavir is widely used for the treatment of HIV-positive adults. Its

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Jan 28

Participating in community service activities and helping others is not just good for the soul; it has a healing effect that helps alcoholics and other addicts become and stay sober, a researcher from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine reports. In a review article published in the Volume 29 issue of Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Maria E. Pagano, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry at the School of Medicine, sheds light on the role of helping in addiction recovery, using the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as a prime example. She cites a growing body of research as supporting evidence.

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Jan 27

It’s their health, not the age of Canadian seniors that is the main factor when determining the number of medical services they use, according to a report that examines the elderly population’s reliance on the health-care system.

“In society, many of us may expect that with age comes chronic conditions but this isn’t the case.

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Jan 26

Bears hibernate in winter so why cant humans?

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